US FDA DMF 034278

Shah Sealtech Silicone offer a wide range of Moulded Products for Pharmaceutical, Food an Beverages, Cosmetics, Textile, Chemical, Petrochemical Plant and Process Equipment. Moulded Gasket Sealing Solution with wide Range over 2250+ Different Shape, Size anc Color for Tablet, Capsule, Sterile Injectable (LVP/SVP), Oral, Ointment, Vaccine, Bulk Drug- API, R&D etc.. Pharmaceutical Plant Process, Filling Equipments Sealing Gasket Dimension and Material Quality Consistency with Shah Sealtech Silicone Quality Assurance Certificate.

Shah Sealtech Silicone Moulded Rubber Products for Sterile and Non Sterile Application like Triclover Gasket, Smart TC Gasket, Filter Screen TC Gasket, Flush Bottom Diaphragm, Butterfly valve seat, O Ring, Flat Ring, PFS Gasket. PRV Diaphragm, Belilow (Tablet Compression m/c and Powder Transfer), Docking Gasket, Cork, Hopper Gasket, Sparkler Filter Gasket, Vacuum Suction Cup, Tablet Punch Cap (B,D Type) Pig Pump Impeller, Rubber Roller Diaphragm. Shah Sealtech Silicone Moulded Gasket / Seal Offer a Wide Manufacturing Range Retrofit to All known international OEM likes Plumart, Romolac. Huttlin, GEA, ACG, SBM, Seajong, Shinva, Spirex, Steridos, Sartorious, Saunders, Gemu, D Parikh, NimaSubodh, Matic, Gettinge, Cadmech, Kevin, Fedegari, Pharmalab, Machinfabrik, Beckochem etc.. With Technical Support and service For Product Design Development.